Stereo Pictures from NASA Mars Landers
Phoenix Mars Lander
5-July-08- Panorama landscape sol 28
Another wide, three frames wide, to the horizon.
19-June-08- Wider views from Sol 19
Good wide views of the surface from near to far.
18-June-08- Mini-panorama
Two sets of stereo pairs from Sol 21 stitched together give a good 3-D view of some of the surface undulations.
16-June-08- Sand Castle on Mars
A tailings pile and the excavation it came from, as imaged by Phoenix on 15-June-08. I'm behind but will be exploring NASA's image archive and will be adding stereo pairs as I have time.
02-June-08- Hole from the first scoop
Phoenix took its first scoop of soil, and here's the depression in the soil it left behind. (Updated)
31-May-08 - Phoenix work area
Here are three sets of stereo pairs from Phoenix checking out its work area.
29-May-08 - Waiting for updates...
The few stereo pairs released by NASA yesterday were all thumbnail sized. Today all the image links in their raw image archive return errors. More will be posted here as soon as new full-resolution images are released by NASA.
27-May-08 - A couple of the first stereo pairs from Phoenix
Some details of the surface near the landing in some of the very first stereo pairs from NASA's Phoenix lander.
Mars Exploration Rovers

31-May-08 - Two new pair from Sol 76
The first of these two pair from way back on Sol 76 was suggested by a visitor. It shows great surface detail and has great depth of field.
04-June-04 - Getting close to the hills
Several views, showing some details on the hills now, from recent sols.
31-May-04 - Rocks & Dirt sol 141
Three close stereo views.
23-May-04 - Views of Columbia Hills sol 134
Four views of the hills on sol 134 individually and in a panoramic.
28-Apr-04 - Eight scenes over 7 days.
I'm trying to make up for lost time. Here are several scenes from the past week as Spirit continues towards the hills.
18-Apr-04 - Towards the hills
The route to those hills looks rough.
10-Apr-04 - Rim of Gusev Crater
The rim of Gusev Crater is visible in the distance of this stereo view from sol 91.
09-Apr-04 - Sol 93 Panorama
A panorama composed of three images from sol 93.
04-Apr-04 - Finishing up at Bonneville
Views from sols 87, 88, and 89.
29-Mar-04 - Two from NASA
Here are two recent NASA anaglyphs, presented also as free-view stereo pairs.
22-Mar-04 - Mazatzal
Rock target "Mazatzal" and others on sols 76 and 77.
19-Mar-04 - Spirit sol 74
Making tracks around the rim of Bonneville.
17-Mar-04 - Spirit spies Serpent
Three stereo pairs and anaglyphs of the dune that Spirit is examining.
13-Mar-04 - NASA's stereo look into Bonneville
NASA's panoramic anaglyph worked better than mine, so here it is, along with the panning stereo pair for those of us who like free-view stereo.
12-Mar-04 - Looking into Bonneville crater
Stereo panorama from navcam shots on sol 66.
10-Mar-04 - At the rim of Bonneville crater
A stereo view of the whole width of the crater's rim taken on sol 65.
09-Mar-04 - On the road to Bonneville
Four scenes from the navigation cameras as Spirit climbs up the crater Bonneville.
04-Mar-04 - Drive animation anaglyph
Here is a drive that Spirit took on sol 37 presented as an animated 3-D anaglyph.
28-Feb-04 - Large panorama
A large full-resolution panoramic view towards the Columbia Hills.
24-Feb-04 - Two from Spirit's sol 50 & 51
One from the haz-cams, and one from the pan-cams.
20-Feb-04 - Spirit's trench in the soil
Here are two shots of the trench that Spirit dug in Laguna Hollow as pannable pairs and anaglyphs.
18-Feb-04 - Four views of rocks on sol 41
Four interesting views of rocks presented as large pannable pairs and as anaglyphs.
17-Feb-04 - Enhanced anaglyph of sand ripples
The anaglyph that NASA released a few days ago showing ripples in the Martian soil was not hand-tweaked for good stereo viewing. The version linked to in the headline above works much better.
13-Feb-04 - Rocks and sand on Sol 39
A pannable stereo view of interesting rocks and sand drifts, also available as an anaglyph.
10-Feb-04 - Four views from Sol 37
Looking back along tire tracks towards the lander and at the surrounding landscape, these four views are presented as small stereo pairs and as anaglyphs. Updated 11-Feb-04: The anaglyphs have been optimized.
23-Jan-04 - CG egress anaglyph
NASA released a computer-generated anaglyph of Spirit's egress from the lander. I've separated and sized sized it for unaided viewing.
19-Jan-04 - Spirit's first target
Spirit approaches Adirondack, its first rock target.
18-Jan-04 - A few Pathfinder stereograms
Looks like no new images out of NASA over the weekend. So I put together a few anaglyphs from Pathfinder to fill the void.
16-Jan-04 - Soil close-up
NASA released a close-up anaglyph image of martian soil. I made a stereo pair from a small part of it at full resolution; the interesting details are lost if the whole image is scaled down for unaided stereo viewing.
15-Jan-04 - Looking back at the lander
NASA released an anaglyph image taken from the rover looking back at its lander platform. Here is a a separate b/w stereo pair separated from this image.
14-Jan-04 - Improved anaglyphs of some near terrain
Here are some enhanced versions of some anaglyphs previously released by NASA.
7-Jan-04 - High-res anaglyph from NASA.
NASA today released a high-resolution anaglyph from the panoramic cameras. The images are from monochrome sources and are available in resolutions of 614x542 pixels (53810 bytes) and 3322x2934 pixels (1058948 bytes). NASA's page also has a link to a 29.24 MB uncompressed TIFF version of the image.
Some of the anaglyphs on the first light page have been enhanced.
5-Jan-04 - A panoramic (but still low-res) anaglyph on the NASA site
36KB version
Full 74KB version
4-Jan-04 - The first 22 stereo pairs from Spirit's navigation cameras.
Black & white low resolutions, with red/blue anaglyph representations.

09-June-04 - Peering into Endurance crater
Looks into the crater over three recent sols.
26-May-04 - Some details at Endurance Crater
Some interesting details taken on sols 118 and 119.
20-May-04 - Views around Endurance over several sols
Here are a number of views around and into Endurance crater over several recent sols. Sorry for the delay.
4-May-04 - A close look at Endurance crater
A free-view pair at full resolution of the interesting parts of Endurance crater, derived from the larger version of this anaglyph from NASA.
2-May-04 - Peeking into Endurance crater
A pancam view at the far side of the crater Endurance.
1-May-04 - Fram crater
Four views of Fram crater on sol 85.
30-Apr-04 - Closing in on Endurance crater
Here is an improved version of a panoramic anaglyph produced by NASA from Opportunity's approach to the crater Endurance on sol 94, plus three single-frame scenes taken on sol 93.
06-Apr-04 - A "sinuous crack"
Stereo images from Opportunity on sol 71.
03-Apr-04 - Opportunity making tracks
Views of Opportunity's trail across Meridiani Planum from sols 61 & 62.
23-Mar-04 - Looking back at "Eagle" crater
NASA's 360-degree panorama after leaving the crater, as free-view and anaglyph.
18-Mar-04 - Shark's Tooth and lander view
Views of the lander and the Shark's Tooth rock from sol 51.
16-Mar-04 - Shoemaker's Patio
A composite of four images of "Shoemaker's Patio", originally misidentified as containing the rock "Shark's Tooth".
08-Mar-04 - All around Challenger Memorial Station
Ten stereo views around Opportunity's crater home.
06-Mar-04 - Two MI images from sol 39
A pair of stereo views from the microscopic images.
04-Mar-04 - Spherule close-up
A spherule on the rock outcrop obtained with the MI on sol 39.
02-Mar-04 - RAT holes & backshell
From sol 36; holes in El Capitan and the lander's backshell & parachute.
28-Feb-04 - Meridiani Planum
Views of the plains beyond Challenger Memorial Station.
26-Feb-04 - Sliced blueberries
A stereo pair & anaglyph from the microscopic imager of one of the "blueberry" spherules sliced in half by Opportunity's rock abrasion tool.
23-Feb-04 - Microscopic Imager stereo from sol 29
The microscopic imager took a set of images that were offset but with enough overlap that a stereo pair and anaglyph could be made from them. Very interesting...
23-Feb-04 - Opportunity reaches out to El Capitan
Three nice views of Opportunity's approach and examination of El Capitan.
21-Feb-04 - Close-ups of El Capitan
Opportunity started close examination of El Capitan on sol 27.
19-Feb-04 - Examining subsurface soil
Here's a view of Opportunity examing soil in a trench it excavated -- stereo pair and anaglyph.
18-Feb-04 - Synthetic anaglyphs of Opportunity & surroundings
Here are two large computer-generated anaglyphs of Opportunity in its milieu created by Erwann Quelvennec.
17-Feb-04 - Anaglyph of Opportunity's lander
Here is a high-quality anaglyph of Opportunity's lander.
12-Feb-04 - Opportunity's "blueberries"
A pannable stereo pair for full-res naked-eye viewing, with links to NASA's large anaglyph.
12-Feb-04 - Three large anaglyphs of Opportunity Ledge
These three large, close views were taken on Sol 17.
7-Feb-04 - Four scenes from Sol 13
Here are four scenes taken by Opportunity's navigation cameras on Sol 13.
6-Feb-04 - Approaching the rock formation with the hazcams
Sol 13, and the Opportunity rover is approaching the rock outcropping that we've been looking at ever since landing. Here are a stereo pair and an anaglyph from images taken by the forward hazard avoidance cameras.
5-Feb-04 - Driving test tracks
NASA made some tracks on Mars on Sol 12. Here are stereo pairs and an anaglyph from images sent from the rear hazard avoidance cameras.
2-Feb-04 - Airbag imprints
These close-ups of airbag imprints in the Martian soil reveal some interesting detail.
31-Jan-04 - Looking back at the lander
Opportunity sent a stereo snapshot from the rear hazard avoidance cameras showing its empty landing pad. Available here as both an anaglyph and as a stereo pair.
30-Jan-04 - Pannable high-res stereo pairs
I've developed a technique that lets you view large stereo pairs unaided and not as anaglyphs. Here are the same three images as below but as full-resolution pannable stereo pair.
29-Jan-04 - Three stereo pairs of those rocks.
Not much new until Opportunity starts moving. Here are three sets of stereo pairs made from high-res images that NASA released from Sol 4. Use the left-most two images for cross-eyed viewing, and the right-most two for parallel-eyed viewing.
27-Jan-04 - A closeup stereo pair and anaglyph of a portion of the rock outcropping
Here's a close-up of a portion of that outcrop without having to download that 6.7 MB NASA image, presented as both an anaglyph and a stereo pair for unaided viewing.
27-Jan-04 - NASA released a panoramic anaglyph
NASA's high-resolution panoramic anaglyph taken on Sol 3 from the Opportunity lander is available on the Mars rovers' Press Release Images page in resolutions of 1024x154 (27 KB), 5000x753 (652 KB), and 7450x1122 (6.7 MB).
27-Jan-04 - Two new anaglyphs from Sol 2
NASA released some good stereo pairs from the panoramic cameras. I've made two anaglyphs, one of an airbag imprint and one of a rock outcropping. Stereo pairs of these and more images will follow as I make the time.
25-Jan-04 - First stereo images
The "first light" stereo images and anaglyphs from Opportunity are now available.
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